The A-Z of Romance

I love the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, hosted by Arlee Bird and his amazing team every April - it's my favourite writing community event after NaNoWriMo - so it should come as no surprise to read I'm taking part again this April.

In previous years, I've done the challenge focusing around whatever my WIP at the time was, and last year I even serialized my now published romance novel ALL IT TAKES.

This year, I did consider theming it once again around my current WIP - an age-gap romance, where the couple has 25 years between them - but decided a broader topic might be more appealing.

And what better topic for a romance writer than the A-Z of Romance.

I hope you'll join me on April first, as I begin a month long posting spree about all things romantic; like crushes, marriage, OTPs, and sex.

Here's the full schedule, with some letters still to be confirmed.

Saturday April 1: A is for Attraction
Monday April 3: B is for Best Friends
Tuesday April 4: C is for Crushes
Wednesday April 5: D is for Dates
Thursday April 6: E is for Exes 
Friday April 7: F is for Flirting
Saturday April 8: G is for TBC

Monday April 10: H is for Happy Ever Afters
Tuesday April 11: I is for TBC
Wednesday April 12: J is for TBC
Thursday April 13: K is for Kisses
Friday April 14: L is for LGBT+
Saturday April 15: M is for Marriage

Monday April 17: N is for Nicknames
Tuesday April 18: O is for One True Pairings (OTPs)
Wednesday April 19: P is for TBC
Thursday April 20: Q is for Quotes
Friday April 21: R is for Relationships
Saturday April 22: S is for Sex

Monday April 24: T is for TBC
Tuesday April 25: U is for TBC
Wednesday April 26: V is for Valentine's Day
Thursday April 27: W is for Weddings
Friday April 28: X is for TBC
Saturday April 29: Y is for TBC
Monday April 30: Z is for TBC


  1. wow! what an interesting theme! looking forward to reading. Ishieta from

  2. Hey, will you keep me updated with the missing letters? I'm stealing your idea totally LOL!

    1. lol Sure! but if you have any suggestions, please let me know! :D


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