Seeking the Truth

Erin Reynolds has been on the West Midlands Police force for seven years.
She’s seen some strange things in the line of duty, but nothing quite like this.

On her first day working as a detective Erin witnesses a strange murder that makes the
whole department question her sanity, and leads to her being sent on a leave of absence.

Desperate to prove what she saw was real, Erin tracks down the only other witness,
Arcane Specialist Morgan Jackson. The occult expert is as infuriating as he is charming. 

When the killer leaves a disturbing message on her answer phone,
Erin is forced to work with Morgan to catch the culprit and get her job reinstated.

The hunt takes them around the West Midlands, visiting a flirty priestess,
a druid on the wrong side of the law and a sorcerer from Morgan’s past.

As Erin learns more about the supernatural world, she also realizes there’s more to Morgan than just his sarcastic wit and arcane knowledge. She's drawn to him almost as deeply as she is to the truth of what she saw.

Her feelings for him are bought into sharp when Morgan gets on the wrong side of the murderer and it's up to Erin to rescue him, and stop the occult forces plaguing the area before the darkness takes over.

Out Tuesday October 3, 2017

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